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ScheduleInterpreter® Document Designer Vendor Invoice allows you to design custom templates used by your vendors to bill for the services they provided. To access Vendor Invoice templates navigate to TOOLS AND SETTINGS > LABS > Document designer > VENDOR > INVOICE > TEMPLATES and click on ADD NEW TEMPLATE button


This is a list of keywords used to populate the template of the invoices.

{invoiceId} - will display the assignment ID.

NOTE: vendor invoice ID is the same as assignment ID the vendor was working on;

{apptVendorNotes} - Interpreter notes
{apptClass} - Type of appointment/proceeding
{vendorName} - Interpreter Name
{vendorBusinessName} - Interpreter Company (if applicable)
{vendorPhone} - Telephone No.
{vendorAddress} - Address
{vendorCity} - City
{vendorState} - State
{vendorZip} - Zip Code
{vendorTaxId} - Last 4 Digits of SSN / Full FEIN
{apptTargetLanguage} - Language/Dialect
{apptDateLong} - Date of assignment
{apptTime} - Appointment time
{apptDurationShort} - Appointment duration (hr min)
{apptStartTime} - Appointment start time
{apptEndTime} - Appointment end time
{apptBreakTime} - Lunch/Break
{apptProviderFirstName} - Provider First Name
{apptProviderLastName} - Provider Last Name
{apptDepartment} - Location
{apptVendorServiceQty} - Duration of Appointment
{apptVendorServiceRate} - hourly rate
{apptVendorServiceTotal} - Total $ (duration x rate)
{apptVendorMilesQty} - Mileage (if applicable)
{apptVendorMilesRate} - Rate per mile
{apptVendorMilesTotal} - Total mileage $ (mileage x rate)
{apptVendorParkingTotal} - Parking (if applicable)
{apptVendorTravelTimeQty} - Travel time (if applicable)
{apptVendorTravelTimeRate} - Travel rate
{apptVendorTravelTimeTotal} - Travel total (time x rate)
{apptDateTimeCancelled} - When cancellation (less than -as per policy - time notice) Interpreter Notified of Cancellation (date/time)
{invoiceVendorTotal} - Total Reimbursement
{apptVendorFirstName} - Vendor/Interpreter First Name
{apptVendorLastName} - Vendor/Interpreter Last Name