SI using wrong vendor pay rate for certain jobs


I have had 2 incidences where SI has randomly paid an interpreter $32/hr for a job when that is NOT the interpreter’s pay rate. The 2 examples are:

Job 95047–Interpreter worked a job from 1p-5p and should have been paid her 8a-5p rate of $22/hr but instead she was paid @ $32/hr.

Job 102505–Interpreter worked a job from 1:30p-3:30p and should have been paid his 8a-5p rate of $22/hr but instead he was paid @ $32/hr.

Can you please look into this and get back to me before I run payroll again for March 16-31. This needs to be corrected and I don’t know why it’s happening.

Thank you,

Hello. I see these 2 appointments were approved already. Do you gave any other examples that are still in the review center?

They were approved but they both were errors. It wasn’t caught until after we ran payroll. The question is why is this randomly happening and how can we prevent this? Also, I don’t know how to correct it if we do happen to catch it before we run payroll. Which, by the way, would be very difficult to do with all of the jobs we process daily.

**As of 4/4 there is another example of this happening. An interpreter was paid at the wrong rate for job 102604. She was paid $32/hr for 3.75 hours but her rate at that time of day is $21/hr. I do not know why this is happening and I don’t know how to correct it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you!

There is no practical way to catch this happening before payroll is run. We would have to go through every single job that we process (hundreds!) and look at the rate breakdown for each one. That shouldn’t be something we need to do–SI should automatically pay the interpreter at the proper rate set for each interpreter. There shouldn’t be a need to “spot check”.