Security Questions


One of our regular users just called notifying that although she doesn’t have problems logging in with her credentials, username and password, she cannot pass the new security questions screen. She has verified her answers multiple times and she’s confident that all answers are correct.
How can we help her in this case?

Please advise!

I had same complaints from the interpreters.

I then, logged in as them and did it for them and everything went through as expected.

I don’t get it. :slight_smile:

ScheduleInterpreter® now requires users to complete mandatory security questions. We rolled out the feature earlier this year but had to postpone the full release until later.

Security questions and answers are mandatory and can’t be avoided. Once security questions are answered, they will not be shown to the user. All questions and corresponding answers can be updated under TOOLS AND SETTINGS > MY SETTINGS option.

Once the 3 questions are selected and answers are provided, the users can continue to their tasks and will no longer require to answer them prior to login.

This is the part I of the roll out for a self-resetting passwords.