On the Spot- information

Is there a way to go into “On the Spot” like in Contact/Memo SI and change what interpreters can see? We would like our interpreters to have the “department or name of facility” to show with the job information, so they arrive in the right location
Please let me know

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Right now we are working towards the next update for On the Spot! related to security. Customization of the data and layout will be addressed in October update.


We would also like for vendors to see all the information before marking themselves available.
Possibly like a regular Appointment Details.
Right now they don’t even see the name of the patient until they are ready to check in.

We do NOT want interpreter to see all information before marking themselves available. Please proceed with our open ticket with the information originally put.

These are two separate things - and I think the other company request isn’t the same as mine.

All features are being added to the ACCOUNT CENTER. You can control the app based on your organization or your clients’ needs.