Mileage rates

I see you have an update coming about changing the travel 2.0 rates. However currently I can’t change them at all. It will not allow me to type in those cells. I was able to on Monday but couldn’t when I tried to yesterday and still can’t this morning. When will this be fixed?

Denise Stephenson

Please un-check the GLOBAL and PERSONAL options. This will allow you to provide custom rates.

When posting in the COMMUNITY, consider to select a category that will place your post in secure section. Currently this post can be accessed publicly.

Can you respond to Denise’s question above as to when this will be fixed. She is on vacation this week, but doing some work off-site and I know she would appreciate a response. I believe you gave her a “work-around” which is appreciated, but not at all efficient.

This has been updated and toggling the check box is not needed. You should be able to enter the rate when check boxes are not checked.