Immediate help needed...Find Assignment feature not working

The “FIND ASSIGNMENT” feature is not working…the “thinking” symbol just keeps spinning and nothing will pull up on the screen. This has been going on for several minutes now…HELP!

Which tab are you using to find an assignment? ID, vendor, account, etc.? None of them are working?

I’m using the RECORD ID tab. And strangely it is only preventing me from being able to search one particular medical record number??? When I enter in other numbers it works, but not with this one particular number.

Is the Record ID number correct? Do you have appointments in that system for that number? If yes, can you provide one job#?

I am trying to look up past appointments for this patient. If the “PLEASE WAIT” symbol is still spinning does that mean that this patient has never been entered into our system? Maybe this is a new feature…before it would tell you if no previous appointments have been found. I noticed earlier today that the way the appointments are listed all the sudden looks differently when you search for a medical record number …

Can you please provide the Record ID number?


Try searching for a shorter period of time. I went back to March 1st of 2021 and was able to pull some appointments.

Why is this only happening with this MRN? I can search any other number all the way back to 2012 and no problem occurs.

Not sure if you saw my last question…but anyway, thank you so much for your prompt help today! I appreciate it very much!!!

We will look into this further and get back to you. Thank you!