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Title: Consumer center
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Tools and settings :: Consumer center

ScheduleInterpreter® CONSUMER CENTER helps to store and effectively reuse information of the individual for who the services are provided.

Link consumer to specific accounts

As consumer data can be effectively reused by multiple accounts, only staff members can select and activate this functionality, providing your clients with an option to easily select the name of an individual while requesting the services.

Navigate to TOOLS AND SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS AND USERS > Consumer center menu.

Locate an consumer and click EDIT button or use ADD NEW CONSUMER button to create new consumer account.

When profile of the consumer if shown or created, select ACCOUNTS tab. Using ACTION option select Display or Hide.


NOTE: Display is more restrictive feature as it only displays the name of the consumer under accounts selected from the list. Hide is less restrictive as it only block the name of the consumer under accounts selected from the list. When new accounts are added, the name of the consumer will automatically be accessible by newly created accounts.

Using check boxes under SELECT ACCOUNTS create custom lest of accounts you need to display or hide the name of the consumer for. Use SELECT ALL or CLEAR SELECTION buttons to do global updates of the account list. When all accounts are selected click SAVE button to finish configuration process.

Link consumer with preferred vendors