Attaching file to an assignment


Hello, I know we can attached additional documents at the account level, but is it possible to attach a document to specific assignment? For example, a schedule for parent-teacher conferences.

You can attach a document to any assignment. It can be an automated process or it can be done manually. Can you provide more details how you are planning to use the document and who will have access to it?

461590 is a parent-teacher conference that the requester sent us a schedule in an Excel file. We would like to attach that file to just that assignment. We are going to receive a lot of requests for this parent teacher day and each is going to have it’s own schedule, so this would be a big help.

Is this file for internal use only or will vendors have access to the file as well?

The vendors need to print it out and take with them to the assignment.

Can this file be uploaded here in the community for a review?

Sure.Atholton ES for SI.xlsx (10.2 KB)

There is an option to attach the order form. It can be re-branded to something your staff and your customers would be familiar with. There are two limitations. 1 - the document must be in PDF format. This is due to the later processing and possible inclusion into the invoice. 2 - currently there is no way it can be shared with the vendor. However, we asked to provide ETA on enabling this option. Vendor should be able to download and receive the document via e-mail.

We will post ETA later on November 21.